Start my Entry into the Asian Market

We love them. They are so incredibly important for any business making the move into Asia. What a fantastic way for your business to gain a better understanding of the Asian market for your products and services.

Participating in these events is a fast-tracked way to gain a better understanding of how your industry works in Asia. Are your competitors the same? Are there new product lines that are required? New use cases that you could fulfill but don’t exist in your home market? These are all absolutely imperative questions for you to answer when setting your go-to market strategy for Asian expansion.

Trade shows also give you the priceless opportunity to communicate directly, face -to - face with your prospective customers, in a relaxed setting. And this face to face interaction is more important in Asia than anywhere else in the world. Conferences and Trade shows are often conducted in a geographical location that means most people have had to travel away from their jobs and day to day tasks. The benefit of this is that they are there to listen and learn and understand. They are relaxed, not thinking about rushing off to the next meeting and networking opportunities to build real relationships are abound.

This setting gives you the time to fully understand your customer needs and learn about what the barriers could be to adoption of your product. Are they asking different questions about your offering that you don’t have to field in your home geography? This gives rise to many sales and marketing insights for your business so that you can localize materials, not just to the language but to the actual in market needs and requirements of your customers. 

Other great insights can come from the conference topics themselves - are the trends in your industry the same in the East as they are in the West? Has tech in developing nations leapfrogged that which you are used to in your home country? How is the adoption of technology in your industry managed when you are implementing from nothing rather than trying to super-seed outdated incumbent technology? These are all questions I am sure any software business would like to know the answer to. And like them or love them - trade shows and conferences are the places the get curious.

We understand there is a high cost involved with flying employees out from far away, especially when you are just starting your business journey into Asia.  We are proud to set up your stand and materials and represent you at any relevant conference globally. We can man your stand, collect leads, distribute information and provide fast follow up to connect real prospects for your business. 

Vishmi De Silva and James Kwa attending Pharmacon Asia representing our customer