Start my Entry into the Asian Market

Asia is becoming more and more attractive as an area to geo-expand your business and enter new markets.

But Asia is complex and filled with a whole new set of regulations and cultural ways of doing business. This is true of nowhere more than China. China was first to experience the severe impact caused by Covid-19 but fortunately is now getting back to work. If you want to or need to expand your business into China but are feeling overwhelmed at the many complexities of how this can be done successfully. You are not alone. Western companies cannot operate like local companies so figuring out how to balance the competing demands can be challenging.

If you are a technology company trying to figure out the quickest way to get on the right path in China we recommend working with an experienced partner based in-country in China. A partner that can connect you to the right network of ecosystem partners, help you get your foundation in place to start focusing on growth, while also helping you to navigate through the complex world of regulations and business practices. 

After many years working in the region we have found the perfect partner in Alliance Development Group (ADG). Founded in 2001, ADG has spent almost 20 years helping enterprise and consumer technology companies to sell, license, distribute or partner with leading China companies.  ADG has built and executed 100’s of go-to-market solutions for companies looking to do business with or enter and compete in the China market.  ADG has a unique business model providing its clients a locally managed platform acceleration solution that leverages ADG’s infrastructure, management, BD team and years of experience to allow their clients to start growing their business in China in weeks/months instead of years.  ADG’s main focus industries include enterprise software, connected devices, IOT, e-commerce, healthtech, fintech, hardware and software. 

Asia Market Entry and Alliance Development Group (ADG) work together to ensure that whatever area of Asia you want to expand into, that you have the absolute experts guiding you in your journey for the best chance at success. Both businesses have worked with Enterprise clients from all over the globe and collaborated to ensure that their objectives in Asia are met and often exceeded.

ADG can be contacted through their website or feel free to ask us for an introduction.