Start my Entry into the Asian Market

Announcing our Partnership with Transcends Channel Partner Marketing Group

We have said it before, and we will say it again – if you are entering new markets it is wise to consider a partnering strategy. Partnering can help accelerate your growth so that your business can land and expand and hit the ground running with established relationships and deals in the pipeline.

 In the last few years, one organization that has revolutionized their approach to partnering is Microsoft - with some excellent initiatives for technology companies including a fantastic program called “Co-Sell” which connects businesses with Microsoft’s global network of field sellers. However, like any large organization the programs are difficult to navigate and sometimes it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

Marketing and selling with Microsoft just got a whole lot easier through our new partnership with Transcends channel partner marketing agency. Headquartered across New Zealand and the US, they are experts at onboarding businesses to become ‘Co-Sell’ partners with Microsoft. They do this by running high performing go-to-market campaigns, and listings in Microsoft marketplaces like OCP Catalog and AppSource. They are high-tech and high-touch, with many pre-packaged offerings, as well as highly customized 1:1 approaches that made them our top choice.

And after you are all set on your Co-Sell journey and want to expand your business into new regions you can come speak to us at Asia Market Entry as the official partners in Asia for the Microsoft Geo Expansion program. We can help you tap into resources and connections in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, not just across Microsoft but across other channel partner and direct opportunities.